Wild Sassy & Crafty



Wild Sassy & Crafty creates custom and catchy Onesies, Baby & Mommy Matchies, and other Child/Mommy related apparel and products while delivering a free-spirited and youthful vibe. 

Target Audience

Free-spirited, active, working middle-class women in their 30s with children of younger ages. 


Primary + Secondary Logo Use

Wild Sassy & Crafty’s primary logo is a typographic lockup created at a slight angle to produce a dynamic word-mark.This custom crafted logo plays with thick and thin cursive to give a sense of charm and free-spirit, while the sans-serif featured in the center creates an anchor for the logo to play around to create a strong and lasting impression. Secondary logos feature the Ampersand as a brand highlight, while the WS&C lockup picks up on the primary logo’s main points of enticement to create a more informal way showcasing the brand. 



The primary palette of the brand consists of clean, soft, neutral blues & greens. The secondary palette gets a little warmer and earthy with a pop of color offered in the sunflower-like yellow. 





Application Examples



Wild Sassy & Crafty’s Header Template can be used at the top of a letterhead and/or notecard. The yellow twig-berry pattern featured with the badge logo brings a youthful vibe and a sunny disposition to its audience. The business card focuses back on the primary color palette in order to hone in on important contact information. 


Digital Opt-in

This digital opt-in entices Wild Sassy & Crafty's ideal clients to sign up for its newsletter while browsing the WS&C website. This is a great place to implement the secondary palette because a newsletter acts as an extension of the WS&C brand and provides an opportunity to showcase the secondary palette accordingly. 


Digital Presence

This laptop features the Welcome Page for Wild Sassy & Crafty’s website and takes a photographic aesthetic towards natural comforts.



These patterns have been made specifically with Wild Sassy & Crafty’s audience in mind. In this case, patterns offer opportunities to add youthful, free-spirited textures that further enhance the WS&C brand. These could be used in a number of ways, and as can be seen, are used in some of the application examples above. 



Wild Sassy & Crafty


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