Sir Milky Quartz



Sir Milky Quartz brings its audience through a narrative lifestyle journey of modern comforts, nesting and upcycled wares. 


Target Audience

Women in their 30s attracted to vintage nuances, fresh and elegant comforts, and inspired by the spiritual and natural world. 


Primary + Secondary Logo Use

The logo series has been born from a hand-made Indonesian font named Moabhoers. The final series has been customized from the original type-face to further push the features of the SMQ brand. This typeface stood out because of its curvy, wandering ascenders and descenders and its soft edges that create a fresh and comfortable look. The curving features also promote a vintage and natural vibe. The M’s counter features a small iconic gem to build other aspects of the brand from and help tie the entire series together. 



The primary palette consists of earthy, clay-like colors. These colors work together to help ground the brand with natural + comfortable sensibilities. The secondary palette offers pastel pops to utilize within the brand. 





Application Examples



This header template can be used on top of items like notecards and letterheads. It features one of the three patterns established for the SMQ brand. This pattern can also be seen behind the envelope on the accent paper. The business card features the logo knocked out so it can be seen from a distance in a more dramatic fashion. The secondary logo is used on the back since the most relevant aspect of this side is the personal information.


Digital Opt-in

This digital opt-in would be featured the SMQ website as a way to entice the target audience to join the SMQ newsletter. Since Bun is your brand ambassador (through imagery) it became a good opportunity to utilize an invitation to join SMQ on its journey. The audience can make a connection between key elements of your brand with this opt-in.


Digital Opt-ins with Secondary Palette

These opt-ins were created to assess the durability of the secondary palette. The secondary palette will work best on a white background and with very small yet effective touches of color. Note the fun in using the secondary color within the logo for these use-cases. 



Sir Milky Quartz patterns are used as subtle touches here and there. Since the brand will be heavily photography based, lighter, more airy patterns were created to utilize for brand balance. 



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