Savannah Marie



Personal brand identity created in order to convey a cohesive message between website, social media and resume.

Target Audience

Fine-arts galleries and those in the grant community that seek to see a focus on an artist's conceptual work.


Primary + Secondary Logo Use

Savannah Marie's personal identity was created to support the artist's public reflection to the Fine Arts Community. The brand needed to support the artists fine art creations so in doing that a subtle statement brand was created. This helped the conceptual artwork speak loudest and in the directions that it needed to. The secondary logo options help branch out any branding needs for the personal identity. The SM tags also provide another branded approach to tie everything together in a succinct manner.



The primary palette is made up of earthy colors due to the artists use of foliage in her conceptual work. The secondary palette gets a bit more cool and earthy to represent the use of stones and gems within her work. When combined, these palettes help mimic the conceptual work's colors into other areas of the rband.





Application Examples



The stationery featured above specifically relates to Savannah Marie's resume, cover letter, and business card. The combined presence above produces a bold and simplified aesthetic.


Social Media

Savannah Marie's Instagram feed has a very similar look and feel to the SM website. This helps keep the brand under a specific umbrella that is consistent and aligns well with other materials.



Digital Presence

The primary logo is featured on the website to support the artist's conceptual work.



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