Sir Milky Quartz

handmade, upcycled & vintage goods


Sir Milky Quartz brings its audience through a narrative lifestyle journey of modern comforts, nesting and upcycled wares. Its target market is women in their 30s attracted to vintage nuances, fresh and elegant comforts, and that are inspired by the spiritual and natural world.


Wild Sassy & Crafty

Custom & catchy baby/mommy apparel


Wild Sassy & Crafty creates custom and catchy Onesies, Baby & Mommy Matchies, and other Child/Mommy related apparel and products while delivering a free-spirited and youthful vibe. Its target market is active, working middle-class women in their 30s with children of younger ages.


Savannah Marie

personal identity for conceptual fine-artist


Savannah Marie is a personal brand identity created to convey a cohesive message between website, social media and resume for artist, Savannah Barkley. The target market is geared towards fine-arts galleries and those in the grant community that seek a focus on an artist's conceptual work.


Teesa Finn Draws

illustrator reminiscent of anime and otaku culture


Teesa Finn Draws creates delightful custom illustrations and a fun and adorable product line of stickers, charms, and other tangible items. Its target audience is young adults with an affinity for Japanese anime and otaku culture.